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Body Slimming

Can Massage be Body Slimming?

Amazingly, there actually is a form of massage that can result in body slimming. It’s called Brazilian shaping massage, and it can shape your body into a more satisfying shape. It works by helping to break up localized fat deposits, reduce water retention, and increasing blood circulation in the skin and underlying tissues. These effects combine to create a slimmer appearance.

Of course, the effects of massage alone aren't nearly as permanent as a surgical procedure such as liposuction. Therefore, many people end up getting lipo for a longer-lasting result. However, they may be surprised to find that their doctors will prescribe after lipo massage as part of the recovery treatment protocol. This type of massage may seem to be body-slimming, too, but in reality, it is used to prevent the buildup of fluid and the formation of fibrosis. The only reason after lipo massage seems to be slimming is because it is removing excess fluid, thereby allowing the effects of the lipo to show through.

Brazilian shaping massage, on the other hand, is a true body slimming massage. That said, since it only breaks up localized fat deposits, it will not produce a drastic change in your size. If you need to lose a lot of weight, you'll need to diet it off. Then, much like lipo, the Brazilian massage will put the "finishing touches" on your new look.

Lipo and massage are just two of many methods used to sculpt your body into your desired appearance. Don't hesitate to get a Brazilian massage if you think your appearance could use a little something extra! We’d be happy to help you at Bradley Therapeutic Massage.

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