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Cupping Therapy

What is Cupping Therapy?

A few years ago, athletes were often seen with weird marks on their bodies. These, it turned out, were there because the athletes were getting cupping therapy. Just what is this, and what is it supposed to do?

There are many benefits to cupping therapy and they can range from detoxification to myofascial.  Vacutherapy is an umbrella term that includes cupping therapy and cupping massage.  Cupping therapy can be done as a stand alone service or can be added into a massage session to enhance upon the effects of the massage.  

Beneficial cupping therapy can also help to improve the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid.  Cupping has the ability to lift and facilitate a separation of body tissues which helps release tension, adhesions and improve the circulation of fluids.  This makes it a powerful and effective treatment for athletes, post surgical, and medical conditions.

If you’ve been searching for “cupping therapy near me”, contact Bradley Therapeutic Massage in Massachusetts. Along with this therapy, Bradley offers many types of massage therapy, both to help with medical problems and to create beneficial cosmetic results. Contact us first when you are looking for non-surgical solutions to your health and beauty needs. You'll be surprised at how much can be accomplished without either drugs or surgery.

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