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Local Massage Therapy

What Can Local Massage Therapy Accomplish?

There is such a huge range of benefits that can be accomplished by massage therapy that if they are all listed in a row, it can seem like some sort of miracle treatment. However, once the details are known, it does not seem nearly as outlandish. Here are some of the specifics about how massage therapy works and what can be expected:

  • The first thing to know is that not all types of massage bring about all potential benefits. Instead, specific types must be used to achieve particular effects. For example, if your goal is to get rid of deep-seated adhesions, a light form of massage isn't going to work. Instead, you'll need a deeply-penetrating form of massage that can reach the problem that is meant to be addressed. One such form is wood therapy, which uses wooden tools to direct pressure to the right places.

Another form of goal-directed massage is lymphatic drainage therapy. With this, the motions of the massage are aimed to help lymphatic fluid move out of the places where it is not wanted and back into the lymphatic system where it can then be taken out of the body by natural processes.

  • Second, many of the benefits of local massage therapy arise from the general effects of the technique. These include increased circulation, the warming of the area, and the relaxation of the client. The first two effects speed healing because when an area gets more blood, it gets more oxygen. The relaxation effect also has many benefits. It reduces blood pressure as well as muscle tension. Since many types of pain are caused or made worse by tension, relaxation brings about pain reduction.

As this shows, massage is not a one-size-fits-all miracle cure. From wood therapy to general relaxation massage, each type has its own specific benefits and limitations. To learn more about what type of massage would be best for your needs, simply reach out to us at Bradley Therapeutic Massage.

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