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Massage Therapy Services

What Can Massage Therapy Services Do for Me?

If you search for “massage services near me”, you’ll find many options meant to provide a therapeutic benefit. This is because the largest demand for massage comes from those who want to reduce pain, speed healing, or reduce complications after surgical procedures. Some even want to improve their sports performance or cosmetically enhance their bodies.

It may be surprising, but massage therapy services can provide all of these benefits and more. Of course, this isn't all done with a single style of massage. Instead, the style is chosen based on the goal of the massage therapy in Massachusetts. That said, almost all forms of massage do share some benefits, and these are likely behind much of the popularity of this form of therapy.

Massage, in general, is known to increase circulation to the parts of the body being treated. This brings a pleasant sensation of warmth, and is believed to speed healing in the massaged area. The increased blood flow also helps to clear out unwanted substances from the location, which may reduce stiffness and pain.

Most people find massage to be very relaxing. Therefore, many people get massage therapy services just for this effect. Relaxation also helps to reduce muscle pain caused by tension, stress-related high blood pressure, and other problems that are caused by stress or tension. Of course, relaxation also feels good and can help clear the mind.

The many types of massage therapy in Massachusetts diverge according to the desired benefits. One popular goal of this therapy is to break up adhesions that can form in muscles after surgery or injuries. Massage styles meant to accomplish this effect are typically firm and penetrate deeply into the flesh. Sometimes, this causes a sharp initial response that can be uncomfortable, but after a session is complete, relief comes within a couple of days. It can take several sessions to achieve full results.

Lymphatic drainage massage is popular for those who have had surgery, liposuction, and other procedures. It helps to reduce puffiness and other problems brought about by the accumulation of stagnant lymphatic fluid.

Massage services near me also offer a form of therapy meant to improve athletic performance. It is often combined with cupping and stretching to bring about increased mobility, help remove accumulated toxins, and improve recovery after sporting events.

Cosmetic massage therapy in Massachusetts aims to produce a contoured effect and reduce waist size. Its effects are temporary, but it's a good way to look more toned before a special event or a day at the pool. No matter your reasons for massage therapy, join us at Bradley Therapeutic Massage for excellent results.

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