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Medical Massage Therapy

What is Medical Massage Therapy?

Medical massage therapy aims to help heal conditions that have been identified by a physician. Multiple methods are used according to the condition, the patient, and the overall goal. Often, it is used to help with problems associated with muscle stiffness, tension, or adhesions that have formed as a result of injury or surgery. However, it has many other possible uses, so those who are interested should consult with their physician or massage therapist about specific strategies.

One form of medical massage therapy is lymphatic drainage massage. This is used to reduce post-surgical swelling, improve drainage, and improve healing. It is needed after liposuction to reduce the risk of getting "lumps and bumps," scar tissue, and other irregularities that could interfere with the cosmetic results of the procedure. Because of the strong connection with liposuction, the demand for lymphatic drainage massage varies according to how many people are getting lipo at the time.

Lymphatic drainage massage is also obtained after other types of procedures or surgeries. Basically, any procedure that is likely to result in a large amount of fluid retention may result in a need for this type of massage. Consult with your surgeon or massage therapist to see if it is likely to help you.

Other types of medical massage therapy are meant to loosen stiff muscles or prevent stiffness from developing. Deep tissue massage, which can take many forms, is commonly used for this. It helps to counter the tendency of muscles to "knot up" after injuries, helps prevent or break up adhesions within the membranes surrounding the muscles, and more. One time it is often used is after the initial healing of a broken bone. At this time, the affected limb has been immobilized for a prolonged period, and often needs some help to get moving properly again.

Another big reason to get medical massage therapy is to prevent problems from developing after injuries that have a high risk of causing long-term stiffness, pain, or a general lack of mobility. By starting massage therapy right away, these lingering effects can be avoided or reduced. Therefore, some doctors will suggest massage as part of the treatment for the main problems.

If you’ve been searching for “lymphatic drainage massage near me”, or another form of massage therapy, talk to us at Bradley Therapeutic Massage. We’d be happy to offer guidance on whether massage will help you and which type of massage will be the most useful for your concerns.

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