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Post Op Recovery

What is Post Op Fibrosis Massage?

Preventing problems from arising after liposuction requires some work. Here at Bradley Therapeutic Massage, we offer a two-part post op recovery process. The first part of the process focuses on swelling and fluid control, primarily through a lymphatic drainage massage and a medical treatment called Vodder’s MLD (manual lymphatic drainage). 

This first step is important as reducing swelling and lymphatic buildup helps prevent bodily discomfort and pain. A variation of this type of massage can also be used cosmetically because it reduces puffiness and temporarily creates a toned look.

The second part of the process utilizes post op fibrosis massage. This is a form of massage that is meant to help break up fibrins and other forms of biological debris that remains after the liposuction procedure. Without it, fibrosis and scarring can develop. This can result in hardened areas of tissue, a cellulite-like appearance, and other negative effects.

Post op fibrosis massage is just one form of massage therapy that is good for use after surgery. People who have had operations that involve the muscles often get deep tissue massage, which helps to prevent adhesions, improve blood flow, and reduce pain and stiffness. In fact, many people are familiar with this type of therapy. Although this technique should be done early after surgery to help prevent unfavorable aesthetic outcomes, it can be done at any point in time after surgery to help improve any of these issues after they have already occurred.

As this shows, there are many ways massage can be used to aid in post op recovery, general surgical recovery, and even to improve your looks in a cosmetic way. However, the many forms of massage are rarely interchangeable. If your doctor has specified a specific type for your recovery, make sure you get that kind of massage done to ensure that you obtain the desired results. Whatever type of massage you need for your post op recovery, we can provide it at Bradley Therapeutic Massage.

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